Curtain Shop Dublin

We are Dublin’s biggest curtain shop located on Clonmel Road in Dublin 11. Pop in and view our extensive range of ready-made curtains, blackout curtains, eyelet curtains, net curtains, and thermal curtains. All of which come in a variety of sizes, colours, patterns, and textures. Pop in-store or shop online today.

Curtains for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and hallways. Get in touch on

Ready-made curtains

In this day and age with all the hustle and bustle of everyday busy life, ready-made curtains are an excellent way to save time and money. Our ready-made curtains all come fully lined, and installation is quick and easy for your convenience.

Get a good restful sleep with our blackout bedroom curtains or save money by installing our ready-made curtains in your sitting room which will act as a protective barrier between you and any drafts that may come through your window, which will ultimately save you a fortune on the heating bill.

Save money by installing our fully lined ready-made curtains.

Ready-made curtains online

Our ready-made curtains are now available in our online shop.

If you’re not sure what ready-made curtains will be best for you, you’re in the right place. Here is a handy guide to ensure you buy the right curtains for your needs.

  1. Measure your window from plaster to plaster and from top to bottom.
  2. Add 6 inches to the top measurement and 6 to 10 inches on either side of the window to allow for railings.
  3. In general, you want your curtains to be twice the width of your pole or railings, to ensure they gather and hang properly. Doubling the size also maximises insulative, and light dispelling qualities.

Curtain Shop Dublin FAQs

  • Where offers ready-made curtains in Dublin?

    Curtain Workshop and Interiors in Dublin offers ready-made and bespoke curtains and curtain alterations in Dublin.

  • Does curtain workshop and Interiors have an online shop?

    Yes. You can buy mirrors, fabrics, cushions, curtains, rugs, and lamps from our online shop. We deliver nationwide in Ireland.